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Motorcycle riding is riskier for seniors

Motorcycles are not inexpensive, and it is ironic that when you are finally able to afford the Yamaha or Hog of your dreams, the purchase may come with risks you may not have considered. During the past two decades, the average age of motorcyclists has increased, and so has the rate of injuries.

The information you should collect following a car accident

If you should have a vehicle accident, you hope it will only be a fender-bender, but you may become involved in a more serious car crash. If you know that the other party was responsible, you will want to file a claim for any injuries you received and the damage to your car or truck.

What you need to know about motorcycle accidents and brain injury

The last few years have seen motorcycle laws around the country undergoing reform in a variety of directions. Partly, it is because of a changing understanding of the way sharing the road has to work for everyone to be safe. It is also driven by a variety of political efforts and by the popularity of the motorcycle as a fun, efficient, and effective method of transportation for so many people.

Deaths of motorcyclists aged 40 or older went up by 63 percent over 10 years

Most motorcyclists protect themselves from injury by driving responsibly and wearing protective riding gear such as jackets and helmets specifically designed for motorcycling. In fact, Maryland law requires that each rider wear an approved protective helmet, as well as wear an eye-protective device or have a windscreen.

Maryland family asks for donations after tragic motorcycle accident

Nothing is more difficult than losing a loved one. The hole that is left following the death of a brother, a son, a mother, or a partner can often never be filled. Family members rely on those close to them for love, friendship and also for their financial contribution. Families facing a tragic death and the financial troubles that follow may find help with a wrongful death lawsuit. One Maryland family is facing such a realization after a tragic motorcycle accident.

Police investigate fatal hit and run on Rockville Pike

There is a family likely in mourning today after a hit and run accident on Rockville Pike that resulted in the wrongful death of a motor scooter rider. Authorities have a suspect in custody, but no other information is available at the time we write this.

Catwoman double's workplace accident destroys camera

For all the thrills that Hollywood action movies offer to cinema lovers, there are a lot of spills that occur on the set that wind up on the cutting room floor. Some of that footage might make it into outtakes -- not the final cut. But such a mishap is a workplace accident, just as sure as if it happened in a more mundane work setting. Maryland lawyers experienced in personal injury know this and can help if there's a need.

Driver involved in fatal motorcycle accident pleads guilty

Negligent manslaughter refers to a crime which ends a victim's life due to another person's extremely risky and unreasonable behavior. This is what a Carroll Country, Maryland, driver recently pled guilty to after killing a motorcyclist last summer. While manslaughter charges are generally less serious than murder indictments, a conviction could still put the driver behind bars for a long time.

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