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The information you should collect following a car accident

If you should have a vehicle accident, you hope it will only be a fender-bender, but you may become involved in a more serious car crash. If you know that the other party was responsible, you will want to file a claim for any injuries you received and the damage to your car or truck.

What every driver should understand about distracted driving

Whether you believe yourself to be at risk for distracted driving regularly, the fact is that most motorists do participate in at least a few activities that increase their risk on the roadway. While many might argue that these distractions are impossible to totally avoid due to the necessities of life, understanding how driver distraction works and what you can do to minimize distraction as you drive is important, because it gives you the toolkit you need to manage your own safety.

Don't take a chance--take your time

More and more cities and towns are becoming friendly to those who seek non-vehicle transportation. Bike lanes are proliferating, scooters are becoming common and many people are finding that their feet are the best mode of transportation to work or school. But does it come with a price?

Pedestrians should walk smart to stay safe in Maryland

The transportation industry may focus on auto accidents, but pedestrians face graver dangers. In 2013, the last year for which data was available, one pedestrian was killed every two hours in the U.S. A total of 4,735 pedestrians died from auto accidents across the country that year; 110 of these in Maryland. Learn how to walk smart to stay safe from auto accidents. This is increasingly important as more drivers engage in distracted driving, whether from Pokémon GO, texting or talking on the phone.

How Maryland's contributory negligence law works

If you've been involved in a car accident, you're likely to have many questions and concerns about what you should and should not do. This is often especially true if you suffer injuries and require ongoing medical treatment and care. If you have auto insurance, it's important to contact your insurance company and file an accident claim. However, prior to doing so, it's crucial to understand how Maryland's negligence law may affect your ability to recover compensation.

Is poor maintenance causing car accidents in Maryland?

Commercial vehicles can pose a serious safety threat to other Maryland drivers when their operators fail to abide by safety regulations. Those safety laws regulate not only maximum behind-the-wheel hours within prescribed time periods, but also required equipment maintenance.

Hit-and-run accident leaves police searching for driver

While all car accidents in Maryland are serious and deserve attention, hit-and-run accidents can be especially concerning. This is because it can be difficult to identify a fleeing driver in order to hold him or her legally responsible for his or her negligence.

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