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Concussions can have lifelong effects: What you need to know

Concussions can result from sports injuries, car accidents, and work injuries such as slipping and falling. In times past, concussions were treated as a fairly minor injury-you were often told to rest for a short period of time and then return to normal activities.

But recent research has shown, more and more clearly, that a concussion is not just a very serious injury, but that even one concussion can leave you with permanent damage, affecting your future relationships, physical activities, and ability to work.

The condition of a hospital is part of patient safety

There are already countless reasons for new parents to worry when they welcome a baby into the world -- especially if their infant is born earlier than expected. Premature babies are born with serious health risks. The last thing parents should have to be afraid of is that the hospital caring for their baby is not safe.

A Maryland hospital is under investigation after the condition of some of its water pipes and, therefore, water came into question. According to reports, bacteria were found in water pipes connected to the NICU unit of the hospital. Could two babies' deaths be linked to the detected bacteria?

Chain-reaction crash results in tragedy

A drive of less than an hour southwest of Silver Spring will bring you to Haymarket, Virginia. The small town was the site of a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 66 that took the life of a 5-year-old girl.

The little girl was riding in the back seat with her mother driving and her dad in the front passenger seat. They were both seriously injured when a Nissan Titan pick-up truck slammed into the rear of their Chevrolet Cobalt in a morning accident early this week.

Negligence suspected as cause of Silver Spring explosion, deaths

It was probably just a normal Wednesday evening for the residents of a Silver Spring apartment complex. One resident says something that did seem strange on the night of the severe explosion last week was the smell of gas. But she didn't find anything and went to bed. 

It was not a normal night. Something caused a major explosion to erupt and basically level the entire apartment building. Several victims are already confirmed to have died in the wreckage; Montgomery County authorities are still looking for many other missing men, women and even children.

Passenger distraction a contributing factor in many crashes

Across the country, there have been safety initiatives aimed at combating distracted driving, largely by asking drivers to pledge to stay off their cell phones while they are driving. While phones have proven to be a distraction and are a contributing factor in many crashes, putting down the phone doesn't come with any guarantees. The reason? People have long been distracted behind the wheel, even before cell phones were part of the equation. In fact the most dangerous person to talk to while driving isn't the person on the other end of the phone -- it's the other people in the car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that passenger conversations contribute to 57 percent of crashes, while phones are blamed for just 12 percent.

Why college packing can become a traffic safety issue

If you are a parent to a new college student, that bittersweet time of having to send your child out into the world is here. The years have flown by, and now you are packing up the furniture and boxes that will make up the landscape of your kid's first year in school. 

While you are probably dwelling in your pride about how your child is going to college, don't forget about traffic safety. According to a AAA report, this is a risky time of year on the roads when it comes to a specific type of accident. Secure your cargo in order to prevent harming others on the road.

What are some hazardous conditions of summer?

The term "hazardous conditions" as it relates to slip-and-fall accidents often brings to mind snow and ice. Yes, wintry conditions often do become hazardous, but there are also serious hazards in Maryland's summer months.

What are some of the common reasons why someone might be injured due to hazardous conditions during the summer? The following are just a few possible types of premises liability cases that tend to heat up in the summer:

Motorcycle accident takes young life on Maryland road

When a person loses his or her life to an accident, the next to follow all of the emotions involved are questions. "What happened?" "Why did this happen?" "Who is responsible for the accident?" "What can we do now?"

Most likely, a 19-year-old motorcycle accident victim's loved ones are left feeling highly emotional but also dizzy with questions about what happened late last month on Maryland Route 301. Authorities are still trying to uncover exactly why the young man's motorcycle violently collided with a sedan on an July morning. 

Maryland's dog bite laws have become more complicated

The laws regarding dog bites in Maryland have gotten more complicated in the past few years due to a terrible attack on a Towson, Maryland, boy in 2007.

According to The Washington Post, a 10-year-old child was playing "war" with his friends when a pit bull attacked him in an alleyway. The boy was badly injured in the incident and the case posed a significant challenge for the legal system. The Court of Appeals ultimately ruled that the dog owner should have known that the dog could injure someone and the pet owner's landlord could be liable for the attack as well. That case, known as Tracey v. Solesky, 427 Md. 627 (2012), spurred Maryland legislators to make changes to dog bite laws, which took effect in 2014.

Years after son's death, wrongful death case nears final quarter

When a child is born, parents might look at his face, his strong fingers and legs and imagine how special it will be someday to watch the child throw a ball and play. Some parents have specific dreams that their kids will take their athletic talents all the way into college, maybe beyond. 

Tragedy is never in parents' plans for their kids. Unfortunately, some parents end up losing their children to unimaginable -- sometimes preventable -- accidents. Five years ago, a mother and father lost their college-age son to a football training accident. Now, it sounds as though their battle to hold someone accountable for their son's untimely death could be coming to a close. 

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